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VOK DAMS is the first agile agency in the industry. Find more out more about the concept and download the VOK DAMS presentation on Agile Event Management!


For long VOK DAMS is dealing with the „Wow“: the best formats of successful direct business communication. The „How“ was kind of neglected while developing new formats of the future. But in an area where time is a limited asset and which is characterized by constant changes, classic project management reaches its limits.


Today results are to be achieved faster, more effectively and more efficiently. And budgets need to be allocated wisely in the context of live-marketing. Further worklife-blending and the desire for ever shorter working hours lead to the compression of daily work. In order for the motivation working has to be fun on agency and client side.


Flexibility alone is no longer enough, agility is required. Only this can ensure that both the quality and the success of brand communication continues. This is why VOK DAMS has developed Agile Event Management as the first agency in the industry.


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